BA of Metro Augusta

The BA of Metro Augusta held a hugely successful fish fry on May 4, with over 90 members present. Attendees spoke with several legislators during happy hour—including the Mayor of Augusta, Hardie Davis, Senators Bill Jackson and Jesse Stone, Secretary of State Brian Kemp and members of Georgia’s House of Representatives—thanking them for their service and hearing their plans for the Augusta area.

The BA of Metro Augusta President Joey Brush was laid to rest on May 11. The number of people present for his homecoming was a tribute to his character. He will be truly missed by everyone here at the Builders Association: his big smile and sunny, cheerful spirit will be hard to replace. His family was very touched by the presence of friends and supporters.

The Fish Fry was a very successful event, with over 90 people in attendance.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, BA of Metro August Executive

Officer Debi Donaldson, and Mark Herbert enjoying the

Legislative Fish Fry.

BA of Metro Augusta President Joey Brush with Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis. Mr. Brush was recently laid to rest after a fatal motorcycle accident.