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Gary Pierotti, LOABA Membership Chairman, was the first to donate blood at the 2nd Annual Blood Drive.
(L-R): Fran Faxon, Emily C. Blume, Andrew D. Mitchell, Katherine Harmon, Hayden P. Strickland and Adia N. Jones.
(L-R): Judy Malcolm, LOABA Blood Drive Chairman, Charlie Vill, Donor and Paige Ruhl, 2015 LOABA President.

The Lake Oconee Area Builders Association (LOABA) held their 2nd Annual Lake Oconee Community Blood Drive on July 16th, 2015. Partnering with the Lake Country Board of Realtors (LCBR) and Lakeside Church, LOABA collected a total of 79 pints of blood which was 120% of their set goal and exceeded last year’s collection. Initial Drives usually start with a projected goal of 20-25 pints to be collected. However, the members of LOABA, LCBR and Lakeside Church showed true commitment and dedication to this event and giving back to the community as well as surrounding areas. The amount of Blood donated was enough to save 237 lives. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs a pint of blood, which means in a lifetime someone you know will be affected by blood donation. This Blood Drive was a perfect demonstration that together we can make a difference and touch many lives and sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life.

LOABA’s Fran Faxon Scholarship committee recognized their 2015 scholarship recipients at their membership meeting held on May 5th, 2015. Scholarships were awarded to Emily C. Blume, Olivia C. Griffith, Katherine M. Harmon, Adia

N. Jones, Laura A. Jones, Christian R. Leftwich, Andrew D. Mitchell, Adrianne

T. Moore, Alexandria D. Pierson, Karen A. Pinner, Caroline M. Smith, Hayden P. Strickland, Maxwell B. Young and Taylor N. Young.

The Fran Faxon Scholarship Fund was started in 2011 in honor of LOABA’s very own Fran Faxon, an outstanding Georgian, U. S. Navy Veteran with 20 years of service, National Industry Leader and a dedicated member that demonstrated leadership and commitment to the organization for over 20 years. Each Year the committee takes applications from family members and/or employees of current LOABA members that are seniors seeking to enter or current students seeking to continue their education full time at an accredited post-secondary institution or

a certified technical school.

To date, LOABA’s Fran Faxon Scholarship fund has awarded 34 scholarships. In addition to this year’s Fran Faxon Scholarship Winners, LOABA recognized

the 2015 Lewis Scholarship Recipient, Bailey Vandiver.