president’s perspective
Then and Now

Here we are at the end of my year and, it has been interesting! I have really enjoyed working with our staff, Associates Council, and Senior Officers. My journey started quite a while ago when I joined the HBA of Mid Florida in 1972. I have spent ample time growing in this industry, both as an associate member and builder member. It wasn’t until about 25 years ago that I really got interested in the state association. I was being inducted to the Board of Directors of the Rome HBA by this gruff talking HBAG Past President. I pulled him to the side to complain about how our insurance program with Builders Insurance Group only represented builders and not associate members unless they were one of the trades (electricians, plumbers etc.). He looked back at me and said, “Change it; don’t complain, do something about it and get active with the state.” The rest is history, but to this day I still call on that Past President for advice, which sometimes I take and other times I don’t. That is one reason why the state organization is here and ready to help. The Past President I spoke of was and is still very active. His name is George McClure.

Folks, we are about to celebrate our 60th year as the Home Builders Association of Georgia and the 2nd part of the three-tiered federation that makes up the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). In my first column I asked everyone to “Bring One,” just one new member and we would be on our way back to health. So far, some have done this, but most haven’t. Just as it is in your business, unless you ask, people won’t join. We have shown everyone the many benefits of being a member. Like everything else, if you don’t use them, they don’t help. Many builders scramble at the end of each license renewal period to get their continuing education credits for their license. In reality, all they had to do was attend their local meetings to receive part of the needed credits and as members get discounts for education.

By attending your meeting you accomplish 3 major things:

1. You can network with fellow builders and associates.

2. Continuing Education

3. By simply being present, more associate members will join and attend to compete for your business. I for one find both state and local meetings to be very important to my business growth and overall health.

In about 60 days, Neal Davis is taking over as our next President. I hope and feel that we have laid the groundwork for him to have a banner year and we can make this association great again. He has some good ideas and I won’t steal his thunder by telling you what is coming. Last but certainly not least, I want to recognize Kelly Lass for all of her help this year. Without her I could not have done a lot of things that I have accomplished. We have a gem in Kelly that some people don’t see. As a 29 -year member of this staff, her institutional knowledge cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but in loyalty. We could not afford to pay her what she is worth. Thank you everyone for a great year. It is time for me to take the next step in my life with NAHB & HBAG, whatever that may be. I still have a few local associations that I haven’t visited, but over the next couple of weeks I hope to see everyone.

Thank you! o