The Northwest Exterminating Good Deed Team
Spotlight On An Associate Member Company

One of the great things about the Associates Council column is that we can spotlight companies in Georgia that are doing great things! We have found one of our associate members, Northwest Exterminating, popping up all around the metro Atlanta Area serving and helping others, not only through the services they provide, but throughout the community through the use of their Good Deed Team.

The Good Deed Team is an outward extension of the Northwest Exterminating philosophy and mission statement. Their goal is to be the verb in the Northwest Way values within the community. The Good Deed Team builds relationships by being actively responsive to the concerns and needs of the community that their branches serve. The Good Deed Team promotes internal and external volunteering for all opportunities, while they actively search for ways to serve others and are proactive to recognize their customers’ needs during hardship. The team is working on establishing strong relationships with schools in need and locating community organizations to work with.

They began a working relationship with Atlanta Mission through the Mystery Reader Program. Each month Northwest reads a bug story and provides a bug craft or snacks to the preschool program. In addition to the Mystery Reader Program, every other month Atlanta Mission holds a graduation for women that have successfully completed their program. Northwest Exterminating was honored to be the first business to sponsor the event. The Good Deed Team arrived early to prepare and serve the dinner, they helped the ladies prep for lunch the next day, and once dinner was over they decorated the dining room and set out hor d’oeuvres and cake. They were privileged to sit in the graduation to witness the ladies’ joy and hope for new beginnings. They served the graduates and staff that attended the graduation and were humbled by their gratitude.

Northwest’s Good Deed Team’s biggest undertaking so far is the backpack program that they have initiated. School supplies were collected throughout the month of July and 200 plus backpacks were filled to divide among the branches to take to schools and organizations that had an urgent need for backpacks. The Good Deed Team has also started working with CHRIS Kids, a nonprofit organization that has group homes for foster children. Through the Good Deed Team Backpack Program they had each of their branches accompany a child of the CHRIS Kids program to a store and let the child pick out their very own backpack. This is something that none of the kids had gotten to experience until now.

Northwest Exterminating’s Good Deed Team is working on some exciting upcoming events that speak volumes to the Northwest Exterminating Culture and Teammates. The Good Deed Team does and will continue to provide opportunities to be involved, serve, and be a positive influence with the community. o