HBAG members from the HBA of Greater Savannah at the 60th Anniversary Celebration.
Marilyn and Bob Goucher of the East Metro HBA relaxing at the Georgia Power sponsored Welcome Reception.

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vice president; Bobby Cleveland, vice president/treasurer; Jim Brown, vice president/secretary; Ted Noe, immediate past president; Heather Bounds, associate vice president; and David Ellis, GEOC president.

60 Years of Favorite HBAG Memories…

• “Traveling the state with wonderful staff and meeting the people that held it all together.”

• “Meeting people that forever will be a part of my life. Nothing is better than meeting and sharing memories with your second family! I will always have a special place in my heart for the HBAG.”

• “Trip to Puerto Rico –My grandson won the Georgia Power electric scooter giveaway. He was so excited. Then, HBAG President Hector Lopez rode the scooter into the installation event and said, ‘I am as excited as that little kid!’.”

• “Going to Washington D. C. and visiting as a group with senators and representatives.”

• “Lifelong friendships made.”

• “Not necessarily a favorite but on the night of the Legislative Reception in February of 2002 the Savannah delegation went out to a nice dinner. The next day 4 of our members were killed in a tragic plane crash. I was made aware of the brevity of life and the importance of friends that I have through this group.”

• “When Secretary of State Brian Kemp attended and spoke at a board meeting in St. Simons Island.”

• “The Bob Cleveland Crab Races held for several years at HBAG Summer Board and Convention.”