Rome HBA
Hunter Newton, Webb Concrete, being sworn in as Associate Director
Mike Mathis being sworn in
Phil Burkhalter stepping down to Past President

The Rome HBA a great turnout for the RHBA Installation Ceremony at Ridge Ferry Park. A big thanks to Ted Noe, HBAG President, who installed the new officers and to Donald Knight for sponsoring the meeting. RHBA appreciates all the members and guests who attended and made it an enjoyable time! Phil Burkhalter, 2014-2015 President, passed the role of President on to Mike Mathis. Hunter Newton, Webb Concrete, was installed as the 2015-2016 Associate Director; Brent Beard, Berry Construction Company, was installed as the 2015-2016 Vice President; and Bonnie Thomas, City Electric Supply, was installed as the 2015-2016 Associate Director.

Thank you to all of our 2015-2016 Board Members. Let’s make this year a year of growth!

Mike Mathis, President Brent Beard, Vice President Ken Guice, Secretary & Treasurer Michelle Beatson, Executive Officer Phil Burkhalter, Past President Sammy Bartley, Builder Director Larry Maxey, Builder Director Will Pinson, Builder Director Vickie Adcock, Associate Director Mark Autry, Associate Director John Barrett, Associate Director Melody Davis, Associate Director Thurmon Morris, Associate Director Hunter Newton, Associate Director Jerry Rucker, Associate Director

Bonnie Thomas, Associate Director