president’s perspective
Communicating Better, Accomplishing More
Neal Davis 2015-2016 HBAG President

The Homebuilder Association of Georgia is celebrating its 60th year as an organization. Founded to serve and protect the interests of the homebuilding community, the Homebuilders Association of Georgia has evolved into an effective and loyal sentinel, ever on the lookout for that which may hinder or harm us.

Over the years I have witnessed and participated in actions taken by the Homebuilders Association of Georgia to defeat proposed legislation and regulations that were bad for our industry. As a result of these past efforts, we enjoy a much better environment in which to conduct our business. We no longer face the prospect of mandated sprinkler systems in our homes. Unnecessary building codes have been struck from the 2012 IRC. We have fought against illegal impact fees and won. We have corrected state zoning laws that would have devastated and crippled our industry. As I write this, the Homebuilders Association of Georgia is monitoring a situation that has state wide implications regarding government disregard for builder rights.

My task this year will be to develop better methods to communicate the ongoing efforts of our association to you. We will develop and launch a modern website, make changes to our Georgia Builder magazine and develop a new logo that better reflects who we are, what we do and how long we have been doing it. We are an important, strong and proud association and our new logo should reflect that.

Each of you as members of the association may participate as interested parties in our government and regulatory affairs committees. I encourage and invite you to do this by way of conference call when these meetings are held and learn about the issues we face as an industry. I want to extend a specific invitation to the local association presidents to participate in these calls. Your expertise and experience are very valuable to us and I encourage you to get involved as much as you can.

Our continued success will only come from holding onto the high ground that we have struggled and fought for over the last 60 years. The only way to ensure this success is to work together with one voice and maintain the advantage of our numbers.

I am proud and honored to serve this association as its President. I thank you all for the opportunity to do so and look forward to a successful year conducting the business of this association.

Semper Fidelis, Neal Daniel Davis NewnanGeorgia o