Associates Council
The Who, What, & Why of the Associates Council
by Heather Bounds, Associate Council Chair

The Associates Council is an important part of the Homebuilders Association of Georgia. The Associates Council promotes membership and oversees all matters relating to its Associate members. Each year Associate Council Area Representatives are elected by the Associates Council and confirmed by the Board of Directors during the Fall Board Meeting. These members serve an important role within the Homebuilders Association of Georgia. They assist with local association communications and serve as a liaison with Senior Officers and with the leadership from their Area, i. e. State and Local Presidents, and Executive Officers.

Area Associate Council Representative’s Regular Duties include:

1. Visiting each of their local areas at least one time within the year.

2. Serving as the liaison between HBAG and locals by providing information from State HBA on current issues on RAC and GAC during the year.

3. Discussing all the current affairs with HBAG.

4. Helping to create awareness of membership growth and its importance.

5. Attending at least two of the three HBAG Board Meetings per year.

Now to introduce your HBAG 2016 Associate Council Area Representatives:

Area I, which includes Greater Atlanta HBA, Associate Area Rep is Carol Stone with Community & Southern Bank.

Area III, which includes Barrow, North Georgia, Habersham/White County, Jackson, Northeast Georgia, and Georgia Mountain is Sammy Baker of Contractors Best Pest Solutions.

Area IV, which includes Greater Columbus, Midwest Georgia, and West Georgia is Jason Westbrook with Ferguson.

Area V, which includes Athens, Metro Augusta, Lake Oconee, and East Metro is Judy Malcolm with the Georgia Power.

Area VII, which includes HBA of Albany and Southwest Georgia and HBA of South Georgia is Joel Beasley with Choo Choo Build-It Mart.

Area VIII, which includes Golden Isles, Greater Savannah, and Statesboro HBA is Tara Mincey with Georgia Power.

Area II, which includes HBA of Dalton, Fannin County, Georgia High Country, Gordon, Paulding, Rome and Westside HBA and Area VI, which includes HBA of Middle Georgia, are vacant and still looking for an Associate Council Representative.

Associate Council Vice Chair is Heather Bounds with Northwest Exterminating.

We look forward to serving our industry in the upcoming year. o