president’s perspective
Our Work To Insure A Strong Voice At The Capitol Is Far From Finished

The 2016 legislative session has come to a close and I am very pleased to report to you that the Homebuilders Association of Georgia’s lobbying efforts were very successful. The 40 days of the 2016 legislative session were scheduled at a very fast pace. The fast pace of the legislative session was set by legislators eager to hit the campaign trail in an election year.

This fast pace left a wake of legislative turbulence not easy to navigate. The efforts of our GAC staff to identify, understand and react to the issues as they came up was remarkable. A less capable staff could have been trounced upon this year with horrible consequences for our association. Tracking legislation relevant to our industry was done literally hour by hour by Government Affairs Director Austin Hackney and his colleagues at Troutman Sanders and they

did an outstanding job for us this year. The work done by our Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Lamar Smith, was also exceptional. The hours of GAC meetings, convened to discuss each and every piece of proposed legislation, were many. The men and women that serve you on this committee deserve your thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Legislative Day on February 16. You can be proud of the work done by all this year on your behalf. The Homebuilders Association of Georgia was able to defeat and support many pieces of legislation that were introduced during the 2016 legislative session. You will find a complete list of the bills, our position on the bills and the end result, based on HBAG influence, in this issue of Georgia Builder. Please take a moment and read this legislative update provided to you by GAC Director Austin Hackney. I think you will be very happy and proud of the results. The legislative session has come to a close and our GAC work has eased a bit but our work to insure a strong voice at the capitol is far from finished. During this election year, it is very important that we support those candidates and legislators that are friends of our industry. Mark King, as chair of BPAC, has already met with his committee to discuss campaign donations to those candidates deserving of our support. The funds we have to spend are very low and we need your monetary support. Please join me and give what you can to support the BPAC fund. The money you give adds greater volume to our collective voice at the Capitol.

Semper Fidelis, Neal Daniel Davis