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Professional Women in Building –Atlanta: Elevate and Celebrate
PWB-Atlanta at Home-Aid workday, September 2015.
2016 PWB-Atlanta Board of Directors.
This month, the HBAG Associates Council would like to spotlight the Professional Women in Building, Atlanta Chapter.

“This is an exciting time to be in the building industry, especially in Georgia,” says Meg Thompson, 2016 Chair of Professional Women in Building –Atlanta Chapter. “And to make the most of it, I encourage every active member of HBAG to join our rapidly expanding PWB –Atlanta Chapter and participate in some of the most innovative and valuable networking programs for industry professionals in Georgia,” she invites.

Professional Women in Building members work in all aspects of the building industry –as owners, builders, remodelers, architects, suppliers, marketing experts, designers, and in finance and real estate. PWB-Atlanta is a strong and diverse network making advancements for women (and men) working in the building industry. Check out PWB-Atlanta’s new video that illustrates its mission: https://youtu. be/p9ezqanddiw.

About 47% of privately owned U. S. firms have women as the majority owner or equal partner –and about 885,000 of these firms are in the construction industry. Construction is also one of the industries with the fastest growth in women-owned businesses.

In addition to four quarterly luncheons with top keynote speakers and a variety of social activities throughout the year, PWB-Atlanta Chapter raises funds for its Scholarship Program, and gives back to the community in coordination with HomeAid Atlanta.

“Education is an important part of our mission. It is empowerment,” notes Meg. “Every year, we raise money for our scholarship fund to support our members in successfully fulfilling their goals and taking them to another level.”

Innovative programs are also a vital aspect of the success of PWB-Atlanta, which currently has more than 150 members from all over the greater metropolitan Atlanta area and in Georgia. One of the Council’s newest programs is Elevate, which PWB-Atlanta launched in October 2015.


Elevate is a new networking group for male and female professionals under 40 and is already being adopted by other PWB chapters throughout the country.

After the launch at PIRCH in Atlanta, attended by more than 80 people, Elevate hosted a sold-out March networking event at Topgolf, and additional events are planned throughout 2016 by Cassy Mathis and her co-chair Michelle McGuire, both Board Members of PWB Atlanta in charge of Elevate.

“At the golf event, people really took advantage of this informal way of meeting new people, getting to know about each other outside the office and learning more about each other’s businesses. Everybody enjoyed the opportunity to expand their network within the building industry,” according to Cassy.


“When you are a member of the PWB-Atlanta Chapter, you are part of a fast-growing organization that is the voice of top regional talent in the building industry,” says Meg.

Here are some other benefits for you when you join PWB-Atlanta for just $100 per year:

• Membership in local and national HBA and PWB

• Connect with amazing and supportive women locally and nationally

• Be eligible for scholarship and grants locally and nationally

• Hear inspirational speakers