2016 HBAG Legislative Review

the strong push made by HBAG and many other members of a broad coalition of business and law enforcement to put an end to metals theft in Georgia.

• HR 1527: Don Parsons (R–Marietta) –

SUPPORT –This resolution urged Congress to pass the Regulation Freedom Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. In order to reign in the burdensome regulatory environment created by unelected bureaucrats in Washington D. C., this constitutional amendment would require that any federal regulation which is opposed by more than 25% of the members of Congress would require a majority vote of approval by Congress to adopt that regulation.

• SB 422: JaNice VanNess (R–Conyers) –

OPPOSE –This bill would have created a new tool for local governments to use to clean up blighted areas. The bill changes the definition of a ‘vacant structure’ to include residential buildings which have been unoccupied for 30 days. The bill also lists seven property maintenance requirements for these vacant structures which, if violated could result in the immediate demoltion of the building –with the property owner receiving a bill for “the abatement of the public nuisance”.

The following bills on our Tracking Sheet PASSED both chambers and are awaiting the Governor’s signature to become a law.

• HB 51: Tommy Benton (R–Jefferson) –

OPPOSE –This bill requires that HOA dues paid by a property tax lien holder would now be added to the total cost required to for the original property owner to redeem the lien.

• HB 364: David Knight (R–Griffin) –

SUPPORT –This bill gives a new avenue for property owners to take when their property is illegally taxed by a local government. The bill allows for property owners to appeal directly to the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue, who can then send their case to the Georgia Tax Tribunal. The bill also provides sanctions against the local governments who knowingly put ineligible properties on their tax digests.

• HB 402: Eddie Lumsden (R–Armuchee)

–SUPPORT –This bill promotes workforce development in our state by incentivizing employers to use the work based learning opportunities sponsored by their local high schools to get more young people interested and invested in their industries. The bill allows for discounts on workers comp insurance for participating employers.

• HB 773: Penny Houston (R–Nashville)

–SUPPORT –This bill provides more funding to the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program. Since 1976, the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA) has provided low cost mortgage financing to over 44,000 low and moderate-income, first-time homebuyers through this program.

• HB 821: Al Williams (D–Midway)

–MONITOR –This bill requires all state professional licensing boards –

including the Residential Contractors Licensing Board –to adopt rules and regulations implementing a process by which military spouses and transitioning service members may qualify for temporary licenses, licenses by endorsement, or expedited licenses.

• HB 952: Chad Nimmer (R–Blackshear)

–SUPPORT –This bill provides “executive oversight” to all state professional licensing boards which will sign off on all board actions and provide immunity from anti-trust lawsuits to members of the boards. The Governor –or his