president’s perspective
Preserve Our Place

“The Home Builders Association of Georgia exists to protect the interests of its members on a state wide level. Those collective interests fall into one of two categories, government affairs or regulatory affairs. The Government and Regulatory affairs committees and the members who serve on them, along with members of the permanent staff, are where the issues we face are discussed and where the decisions are made to handle the issues facing the association.”

This is the third article that I have written for Georgia Builder that start out with these words. They are in keeping with the mission statement of the HBAG which is in part to create, promote and protect the working environment of our members to ensure affordable housing for our members and the citizens of Georgia.

Your membership in the Home Builders Association of Georgia, a current cost of $120.00, is the cheapest insurance you are ever going

to get in the homebuilding industry. The money that comes to the Homebuilders Association of Georgia allows us to keep professionals on staff and a lobbying team available to work with the elected officers and committee members who monitor Regulatory and Government Affairs and act accordingly on your behalf. You should take great comfort in knowing that the Homebuilders Association of Georgia has a good record of fighting these battles and defeating or diminishing the effects of bad regulations and legislation harmful to our industry. What does this member benefit cost you? Less than .33 cents a day.

Please keep this in mind as you talk with prospective members. Tell them what we do for you and what we can do for them. Show them the previous Georgia Builder issues from this year that explain regulatory and governmental affairs. Tell them why you are a member and why it is important for them to join us to preserve our place in our industry.

I also want to remind you all of the Builder Rebate Program that is a benefit you qualify for as a member. It is possible that this program could easily offset the cost of your full membership dues and put money in your pocket. Please check out our new website for details or call the staff at HBAG with any questions you might have about the program. The average rebate for participants is $1,178.12.

I want to extend my thanks to the members of HBAG who came to our spring board meeting. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I hope to see you all at our fall board meeting.

Semper Fidelis, Neal Daniel Davis