HBA Membership Benefits: Not Hard to Find for High Country HBA Members
By Derek Wirz

Over the past several months I began to think about the value of membership in the HBAG as I travel to different association meetings. Have you ever struggled to easily recognize the value? Often times, I take for granted the business opportunities that come my way from my membership, but no longer! This is a story about my friend, Shawn Cselle, and the value of membership.

Shawn Cselle, the owner of Gilmer Building Components, has been a member for many years and is a truss manufacturer in Ellijay, Georgia. Shawn supplies hundreds of home builders with roof and floor trusses. Unfortunately, there are just not many great options for insurance—especially for property insurance. The insurance companies are often not interested in writing insurance for woodworking shops with high values.

At the High Country HBA May 2016 membership meeting, Shawn and I met for the first time. Shawn asked me to review his insurance coverage and offer recommendations. We spent a lot of time reviewing his exposures and we presented an application to a property insurance carrier. The insurance company increased his coverage by 300% to the real replacement cost of the building, equipment, and business income and dropped his premium significantly.

Shawn immediately found the benefit of members doing business with members, and I certainly have as well. Had it not been for that forum, we would not have met one another and Shawn would have continued to struggle with inadequate insurance and high premiums.

The value of membership is everywhere you turn! What is your membership story? Please share with the HBAG office today!

We would love to hear your stories! Please send to kmurphy@ hbag.orgor call 404-763-2453.

Derek Wirz is the Area Representative for the HBAG, Area 2 and is an insurance agent with The Southern Agency, Inc. The agency specializes in contractors, supply houses and manufacturer’s insurance programs.