president’s perspective
Strength in Numbers!
In lobbying efforts, in researching issues, in informing local officials of the positive economic impact of home building, and in celebrations, this is our 2017 HBAG theme.

I look forward to spreading this message to our local associations as we hold a statewide membership drive. I want to hear your ideas on how to get our members more involved, how to regain the confidence of the members we lost during the housing crisis, and how to attract new members to an association where home builders and associates have confidence in our ability to make their careers and even personal lives more successful by being HBAG members.

The lobbying efforts of HBAG are paramount as more regulations are pushed through with good intentions, but without complete knowledge of the implications these laws have on home ownership. HBAG’s in-house lobbyist, Austin Hackney, represents our industry’s interest at the Georgia Capitol. This costs money, but is necessary for the health of our industry. For those in the industry who are not members of HBAG, we need your help to ensure your voice is heard.

We are creating a new online Discussion Forum exclusively for HBAG members to share knowledge when tackling tough decisions involving water and sewer issues, takings issues, new building codes, wetland regulations and navigating the myriad complications of financing projects in today’s challenging market.

On a celebratory note…… thank you to all who were a part of the 2016 HBAG Fall Board Installation Banquet preparations. It was a night to remember and the beginning of something bigger than its individual parts. Thank you to my Savannah association and to Patty Rietkovich for going over the top in getting donations for the band and extras. For those of you who missed it … well I’m sorry, but we will just have to see what kind of a party Bobby Cleveland and the Macon group can put together next year!

We will continue to work together, to celebrate together, and even get in the trenches together for there IS Strength in Numbers.


Lamar Smith

HBA of Greater Savannah