Georgia Builder – Meet The PRESIDENT
Great things are accomplished together –There is Strength in Numbers

state and local levels. I want to have a publication that is relevant and timely to the challenges our members are facing. And finally to take the message across our state membership that we can accomplish great things together. I have asked Patty Rietkovich, Savannah EO, to head a statewide membership campaign to get our membership numbers to a more sustainable number. Strength in Numbers!

What would you like current members, and nonmembers, to know about the state association?

I would like for ALL of our members to know that our HBAG staff and volunteers work tirelessly on their behalf to keep the housing industry viable in Georgia. As examples, Bettie Sleeth knows who’s who and who’s where in the state regulatory agencies and she knows the regulatory issues that face our members. Tim Williams is HBAG’s guru on building codes and represents all of us in making our voices heard in hearings when new codes are proposed. He has saved our members millions of dollars by being a proponent for housing. Both of these people work quietly and effectively, but when they speak they have something meaningful to say. We are fortunate to have these and other staff members and volunteers who are so knowledgeable and effective.

Why do you think involvement in the state and/or local associations is so important?

Because there is Strength in Numbers! We have a much louder voice and more experiences to draw from when we come together as one entity.

We look forward to the next year under the capable hands of Mr. Lamar Smith. Let’s come together and prove that there is Strength in Numbers!