On the Rise

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demonstrate academic excellence, attendance and behavior, and successfully complete at least one unit of credit coursework in the related field of study. Students in the apprenticeship program are largely focused on their future career path and demonstrate the basic skills necessary for employment success before they even begin their skilled apprenticeship training.

Since the program’s inception in 1993, many apprentices have successfully graduated and have become members of the Georgia workforce. This is a win-win for the construction industry and the educational system. Graduating competent, contributing members to the local workforce yields a stronger economy, more potential home owners in our state, and adults who value the partnership of local schools with area industries.

For more information about a high school apprenticeship opportunity in your area, contact Dwayne Hobbs, Georgia Youth Apprenticeship Program Manager at dhobbs@doe. k12.ga. us.

College Graduation Does Not Determine Success, Skill Does
Those involved in building know that there are numerous trades integral to the success of any construction project, many of

which are best learned on-the-job through mentoring and apprenticing by seasoned, skilled professionals. Although some are college educated and have traded in their suits and ties for hard-hats and work boots, many have never studied in a professor’s classroom. Yet, most building professionals have experienced the satisfaction of mastering a technical field of knowledge and of using that knowledge to improve their clients’ way of life.

Construction subcontractors who are skilled and offer their trade at competitive rates are in high demand. Plumbers, drywall hangers, painters, and brick masons are just a few of the many construction-related workers sought after as building and remodeling gain momentum in 2017. Those who take pride in their trade and understand that construction-related jobs can yield success, experience careers which are equally satisfying, creative, lucrative, and beneficial to the community. This definition of success appeals to graduating students who are looking for a place to fit in to the job market. As builders, we must be its champion, sharing this vision with our local school teachers and administrators and partnering with them to create opportunities for workforce apprenticeships as we grow our Georgia workforce for the future industry.