How Technology Can Enhance Your Productivity
Build Business in the Field

While there’s certainly no substitute for fine craftsmanship and skilled labor in building beautiful homes, there are innovative tools involving the tap of a touchscreen that can make the integration of technology not only practical but cost-effective in building your business. For less than the price of virtually any tool on your truck, these apps will enhance your productivity by streamlining the time you spend and the supplies you need on jobsites while increasing communication between you, your subs, and your clients.

Construction Master Pro

Considered the industry standard for construction calculators, Construction Master Pro now offers a handy app to use on your smartphone, eliminating the need to carry an additional calculator in the field. With identical features as the

handheld calculator, there is zero learning curve for the tech-wary builder. Whether you’re estimating drywall quantities or hardwood dimensions for a living area, the trigonometry features and basic conversions ensure accurate, timely bids, which may be the deciding factors in landing your next job. Enhanced functions enable users to figure crown molding angles and calculate stair rise and run or rafter cut angles.

PROS: It’s convenient to have the construction math capabilities on your phone.

CONS: It’s a bit pricey for an app but cheaper than the actual calculator.

Compatibility: ioS 5.1 or later and Android; compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Price: $24.99


Yes, this is the one-word app, mymeasure, created by Ian Pendlebury. This app eliminates hours of labor plotting an existing property by quickly pulling a satellite image of any location with a simple street address search. As area and

perimeter are instantly calculated, builders can perform a rooftop or property square foot measurement in a fraction of the time. With a few clicks, grading contractors can give a rough estimate on re-paving parking lots and driveways. The app calculations can be saved to Microsoft Excel.

PROS: Again the app eliminates the need for extra tools on the job. It makes the math simple.

CONS: The satellite imagery won’t work for wooded properties.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Price: $2.99

My Measure Pro

With photo measurement features, builders and homeowners can take a photo of an existing kitchen, bathroom, or porch, label measurements for a remodel, and save them. Having these visual measurements at your fingertips comes in handy