at the hardware store when gathering supplies or helping a client pick the perfect appliances or design a beautiful built-in. PROS: Annotated picture feature makes communication with homeowners very clear.

CONS: The monthly app fee can be a burden.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later and Android. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Price: $2.99 a month/$19.99 a year.


Ever feel overwhelmed running back and forth between multiple jobsites? With Annotable, those days are over. This photo marking app will keep you informed by providing a user-friendly platform for workers to snap photos of their work

as they voice record questions or updates and mark the photo simultaneously. Think of the potential this app has for increasing productivity when final inspections or tight schedules loom! In a few seconds’ time you can virtually “see” what is happening on the job, respond with annotated action items, all without physically stepping on the site. This app enhances client communication as well; with a simple click, marked photos can be texted or emailed to clients to keep them informed and to answer questions about their project, minimizing in-person meetings. This app builds on the basics of Skitch and includes a magnifying feature as well as user-friendly editing tools of annotations.

PROS: Annotated pictures can be saved in job files, emailed, or texted for later use. You can try the basics of the app for free. This is THE APP to add to your smart phone; you will use it.

CONS: There is a cost for the advanced features, but even the free version is an excellent choice.

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later and Android; compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Price: FREE-basic circle, arrows, doodle; $7.99 to unlock advanced features within the app.

iHandy Carpenter

Gadget guy meets tool guy with this five-in-one tool app. User-friendly and eye-catching, this app is worth the download. It includes a spirit level, surface level, plumb bob, steel ruler, and steel protractor. Each tool is easy to use and

remarkably accurate.

PROS: Having five tools in one app is convenient, and the app graphics are beautiful. At $1.99 the five tools are a steal. (*If you want to try one tool, the iHandy level can be downloaded for free.)

CONS: Don’t forget to calibrate before using the plumb bob, surface level, or bubble level bar. Otherwise measurements will not be accurate.

Compatibility: ioS 6.0 or later and Android; compatible with iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Price: $1.99