Best of IBS 2017 Award Winners
Best Window & Door Product Andersen Windows, Inc., MultiGlide Door The new MultiGlide patio door from Andersen blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. Its innovative design features large expanses of glass in a contemporary or traditional panel style, to transform any space into something extraordinary. Panels are available in a sleek, all-aluminum option or an aluminum-clad wood option for warmth on the inside. Customers can choose from Andersen’s virtually unlimited selection of exterior and interior options.
Best Indoor Living Product Hampton Products International, Brinks Home Security Array Deadbolt Brinks Home Security Array Deadbolt is a safe and secure cloud-and app-based smart lock that uses the home WiFi connection. With the Array, homeowners can unlock their doors, provide and manage access remotely, and view user and battery data four different ways—smartphone, smartwatch, keypad and key. It eliminates the need for home builders and owners to have a gateway hub, purchase additional equipment or subscribe to a monthly service.
Best Outdoor Living Product Outdeco USA LLC, OUTDECO Decorative Panels OUTDECO Decorative Panels are made of sustainable composite hardwood material called Weathertex. The ready-to-install decorative screens are cost-effective, versatile, and will enhance any environment. The panels are available in 10 unique designs to meet the many designer and homeowner design preferences. OUTDECO panels feature 3 privacy levels for creating the perfect environment for privacy. All panels come in convenient 24” x 48” or 48” x 70” sizes for easy installations.
Best Green Building Product Greyter Water Systems, The Greyter HOME The Greyter HOME residential grey-water system recycles shower and bath water so that it can be reused for toilet flushing or for irrigation. The patent pending system is a cost effective, energy efficient water savings solution that is easy to install and capable of meeting water quality standards of major markets. The Greyter Home requires little maintenance and a small footprint in the home, while it reduces indoor water consumption by 25-30%.