Georgia Homebuilders Scholarship Deadline Announced

To encourage youth with a passion for building to enter the profession, encourage them to apply for The Lewis Cenker Scholarship, a non-profit organization created in 1977 by the Home Builders Association of Georgia in honor of the late Lewis B. Cenker, an outstanding Georgian and a national industry leader.

Scholarships are awarded to qualified students seeking a career directly related to the home building industry. Scholarship applications are reviewed and graded in the spring of each year by the Committee. Recipients are selected at that meeting, and each applicant is notified by letter in June.

In order to apply for a Lewis Cenker Scholarship, the application must meet the following criteria:

Must be entering an area of study directly related to the 1

home building industry.

Must be completed in its entirety, verified and signed at a 2

local home builders association.

Must be mailed or delivered to the HBAG office on or 3

before March 1st.

Must include school transcript confirming at least a “B” 4

grade point average.

Must include a concise Career Goals Statement 5

indicating a direct tie to the home building industry.

Must include most recent complete tax returns to show 6

financial need.

7Must include at least two letters of recommendation. Involvement in other activities related to the field of


residential construction should be described.

Applications should be mailed or delivered to:

Home Builders Association of Georgia 3015 Camp Creek Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30344

Faxed or emailed applications are not accepted.