Power Tool Battery Life Shows Promise for Construction Needs
Having the capability to make four times the cuts of a traditional power saw, improved batteries make workers more productive will less downtime for charging equipment.
Photo Credit: DEWALT,

The frustration a construction worker feels when a battery fizzles out after just getting into a rhythm of work is, well, frustrating. Because of this all-too-familiar trend, many builders have used battery-powered tools intermittently, relying heavily still on their tried and true corded tools. At this winter’s International Builders Show, the tool booths were abuzz with builders excited about the job potential for the new battery technology finally making its way onto the showroom floor after a relatively stagnant ten years of mediocre battery-powered performance. Like kids on Christmas morning, builders tinkered with and tested new battery-powered tools while reacting with excitement in their own “tool land” of building dreams. According to Jay Sackrider of McBride Construction in Petoskey, Michigan, the cordless tool technology was the product highlight of the show for him in terms of tools. Sackrider indicates the brushless motors are the reason these new tools have longer run times; the result is a lineup of power tools that every builder and subcontractor should be genuinely excited about.

BOSCH Unveils New Bosch CORE 18V Battery
Bosch joined other tool companies in making cordless tool battery life more sustainable by unveiling its CORE 18V battery

at the 2017 World of Concrete Show. This battery draws power from 20700 cells, creating 1400 watts of tool-using punch. Bosch claims this battery is 80% more powerful than its predecessor. The new and improved Cool Pack design allows it better manage heat since each cell has its own separate, individual compartment. In addition, this state-of-the-art battery employs laser-welded copper to promote quick energy transfer between the cells. The battery may be used to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, making it rugged for cold weather work.

One of the most exciting features about the Bosch CORE 18V battery series is the new wireless charging technology. This allows the batteries to charge remotely while still being connected to the tool rather than having to disconnect and mount at a charging station. This option alone makes the Bosch battery one to consider when investing in your next cordless tool kit.

DEWALT sets Standard for New, Improved Cordless Tool Technology

So why should you be excited about battery-powered tools? It means cutting the cord once and for all. Heavy-duty corded power tool applications can now be performed with cordless