tools without sacrificing performance. What will impress even the skeptics is that The FLEXVOLT™ System by DEWALT, for instance, offers power equivalent to corded tools, more runtime than previous cordless tools, and supports the existing 20V MAX System as well as new 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools. “The DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ System enhances the user experience with cordless power tools, offering both power and runtime for the jobsite. The innovative technology of the FLEXVOLT ™ System broadens what’s possible in the development of more capable and convenient cordless tools,” said Frank Mannarino, President of Professional Products Group.

The key to this technology is the ability of the batteries to switch between DEWALT tools of varying voltages. They automatically change voltage depending on whether they’re being used in a 20V MAX or 60V MAX tool. Two FLEXVOLT™ batteries (of same amp hour) together power the new DEWALT 120V MAX tools. This means that high power tool applications that previously could only be accomplished by corded tools, can now be performed with the DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ system of cordless tools. As a result of this advanced battery technology, jobsites can now fully transition from corded to the freedom of cordless.

For DEWALT, innovation means developing tools that outperform expectations, enhance convenience, and improve time to project completion. All DEWALT high-powered cordless tools come standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.

MILWAUKEE Battery Creates Buzz with Efficient Design

The MILWAUKEE REDLITHIUM™ HIGH DEMAND™18.0 Ah battery outperforms the 5.0Ah battery with twice as much work per charge. The secret is the staggered cell layout that allows the battery to run cooler, making it more efficient. The wide channels which feed the voltage across the cells runs at a lower temperature, taking less energy to run. With an additional row of five cells, MILWAUKEE claims this battery provides the most work output of an 18V on the market. This design results in more work between charge cycles. In fact, the 9.0 Ah battery runs for 162Wh—that’s 80% more than the 90 Wh of the 5.0 Ah battery capability!

So what do these numbers mean for your jobsite? That means a framer can make 537 2 x 4 cuts in one battery cycle--a full day’s work. That same battery will make 258 cuts to 2 x 10’s or over 400 cuts in 3 1/4” baseboards. That’s a lot of lumber cuts! This battery is best optimized when used for long durations and runs impressively in all-weather conditions, making it ideal for jobsites. The all-day runtime capability means more efficiency on the job for your workers. With over 100 compatible tools, the MILWAUKEE battery series is versatile. An added feature is the battery life sensor that takes the guesswork out of how much power you have left. The compact series comes with a two-year limited warranty; the higher capacity battery series comes with a three-year limited warranty. Milwaukee batteries are definitely worth a look your next time in the tool aisle.

No matter which battery you choose, cordless tools have more staying power on the job than ever before, and that makes cutting the cord something to get excited about!