Using Technology

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where all you have to do is add your copy and pictures. It is simple and efficient to use. Since it is cloud-based, you can work on your Slidebean presentation on your home or office computer and then access it on your iPad when presenting to clients. There is a mobile version that allows you to build presentations on your phone, which is convenient for builders who are always on-the-go. It lets you easily add those on-the-job photos snapped on your phone camera. For more information and free sign-ups, go to:

For Apple users, Keynote is the most popular presentation program. It is cloud-based among multiple devices as long as one of the devices is Apple. It takes a few

hours to learn the basics, but once you familiarize yourself with the templates and basic commands, putting together a presentation is simple and eye-catching. Curious? Visit:

With either Slidebean, Power Point, or Keynote, you can produce a professional visual presentation for a client meeting that sets the professional standard for your builder-client relationship you are working hard to establish.

Construction Time-Lapse Cameras: Brinno, Brilliant Innovation, leads the industry in time-lapse construction cameras. Think of the excitement a time

lapse video of a project could produce for your crew, your clients, and your potential clients. Sending a time lapse video to a traveling client is a way to bolster your builder-client relationship by showing them visual progress of their job, or share past job time-lapse videos set to music as your opening webpage feature. Seeing a project start-to-finish in a few minutes’ time will build anticipation and excitement for your potential clients.

Relatively inexpensive and easy to use (you’ll spend a couple hundred dollars on the camera and casing), time-lapse cameras condense a two-month project into a two-minute video. The construction camera runs off four AA batteries and is completely wireless, so once you set its time parameters and mount it, you’re done until you’re ready to retrieve your ready-to-play time lapse video. The aspherical lens and 140-degree angle view optimize recording. The dust-proof, weather-resistant housing makes Brinno construction time-lapse cameras ideal for any indoor or outdoor building project. If you’re a gadget guy and you don’t have one, you need to seriously check it out. Be sure to purchase the weather-proof case for your camera. Brinno.comdetails all the camera options available to get started documenting your jobs.