Communicating with Confidence

What can you do to improve customer service?

A: Answer all texts, emails, and phone calls as soon as possible. A full response within 24 hours is crucial.

•• Face-to-face or phone call communication is preferable to texts and emails (unless the client requests otherwise). Yes, it takes more time to talk. Yes, it is sometimes inconvenient. Most relationships worth pursuing take time. The added investment has the potential to forge a lifelong builder-client relationship that will yield even more work for you down the road.

•• Keep your cool. Losing your temper with any client is never good. Think through your conversation before making the call. If an unreasonable request has been made, think of solutions or possible choices to empower the client rather than ignoring requests or flatly denying their request without a reasonable explanation.

•• Consider giving a weekly update to every client regarding their project—big or small. Your current clients’ satisfaction will impact potential referral business you receive. When job changes occur per a client’s request, always follow up in writing with an amended change order so there are no financial surprises at the end of the project.

•• Send a survey with your final billing statement. Let the client rate you. Study the feedback you receive and look for trends in your areas of weakness and strength. Ask permission to use positive reviews in your marketing.

•• Consider a small thank you gift for each client at the conclusion of the project. A company coffee mug, home improvement gift card, or new home door mat will speak volumes to your customer that you value their business.

•• Invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. There are many options that we’ll discuss in a future issue.

Communicate with Confidence:


If you are serious about improving your communication with difficult clients, join Lynn Bacon, a Certified Business Success Coach, NLP Coach, and Certified Residential Construction Superintendent who owned a successful home warranty business for six years. You’ll learn powerful and effective strategies that will yield a win-win relationship for both you, the builder, and your clients. According to the Greater Atlanta HBA, the class will cover:

• Recognizing communication styles in others

• What motivates different customers

• What happens when customers (and you) get stressed

• How to take a problem and re-frame it for the customer

• What to do when conversations go sideways

• And other insanely cool lessons in communicating!

Registration Need-to-Know

Wednesday, June 14, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST; 6 credit hours.

Register at: Contact Valerie Siegel, Education Manager, for questions or assistance ( or 678-775-1469).