Impress Clients with Visual Appeal

You love to watch your favorite sports event or news show on your big screen televisions at home. Why not put that technology to use when meeting with your clients? Having a technology-based presentation for your potential clients is impressive as well as practical. Gone are the days of lugging a briefcase full of files and documents or photo albums to show clients samples of your work.

Build a basic presentation of your company highlighting typical jobs and your specialties and procedures that you can use to open every client meeting. Then add a customized portion of the presentation showcasing the plans, 3-D images, and sitemap of the upcoming project to guide your meeting. You can add specific pictures from other jobs that show similar features the client’s finished project will include. This visual presentation can be saved on a flash drive you leave with the client or email to them once you have a signed contract and deposit. If a TV is not available at your office, consider using an iPad to show your clients the presentation onsite when you meet. Not only is the use of technology an efficient means of presenting, it is also clutter-free and professional as well. Photo updates of a job’s progress are another way to utilize visual technology with your clients.

Technology Tools to Build Your Business

Video-Based Presentations: Wideo is user-friendly software for beginner to intermediate video makers. If you’re familiar with Power Point, you’ll recognize features of the Wideo platform and find it easy to use. You can upload your Wideo creations to YouTube for

greater social media impact and use them on your company website or as an automatic email link as part of your signature. Consider the possibilities of building a library of video clips—for clients on how to maintain various aspects of their new property or on basic home improvement how-to’s. A walk-through tour of a new home while videoing the tutorial on how to set the new thermostat or how to change the new air filters would transform the way clients perceive their builder after closing. With a video like this, clients would have repeated access to your knowledge of their home—potentially lowering the number of Saturday night phone calls you receive from clients trying to remember where their water cut-off valve is or seeking direction on bleeding their gas logs line. Check it out at: www.wideo. co/

Presentation Software: Although Power Point is the most used presentation software, it is losing popularity due to the large learning curve it takes to master it. Slidebean is a new web-based form of presentation software that offers complete templates of presentations