Tips for Building in the Millennial Marketplace
Practical, Open Concept Retreat

Millennials are on a budget, but they have big demands thanks to HGTV. With student loan payoffs being a reality for many 30-somethings, extra cash is not being spent for wasted space like a formal dining room. Instead, millennials want a floor plan that maximizes their space with few to no walls between the kitchen and living area. Yet, millennials want beautiful spaces that are timeless. They do not want their Mom’s kitchen or bathroom. They want fresh space that reflects the retreat and relaxation they desire when not at work.

The kitchen is the new family hangout, and building a space that offers ample counter space for gathering, preparing, and eating meals is preferable to a separated kitchen and family room. Millennials enjoy cooking, so a well-planned kitchen is worth the effort. The formal living room square footage should be combined with the den for one large living space that flows naturally with the kitchen.

Ample traveling space without confining hallways appeals to millennials who want fluid space to work with in their interior design. Millennials love to entertain, so they also value ease of movement to and from designated areas and inside to outside, so wide walkways between living spaces and wide entry spaces are optimal. Extending living space beyond the traditional dwelling square footage to outdoor spaces appeals to millennials as well. To them, home is where you rest and relax with your loved ones, so creating a space conducive to that retreat is key.