Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Living Space
Photo courtesy of NanaWall.

that descend and cover the full breadth of the opening can be installed for certain times of the day when insects may become a nuisance.

The smooth transition is reinforced through using the same flooring materials indoors and outdoors. Materials that meet this criteria include large format porcelain tile designed for indoor/outdoor use, as well as sintered compact surfaces such as Dekton and Neolith. These surfacing materials are very durable and suitable for any climate.

Blending indoor and outdoor living spaces is also enhanced through coordinating the style and colors of furniture, cabinets and decor in the various lounge, bar and kitchen areas. Carrying a similar design theme throughout helps unify the entire space visually. Homeowners will be delighted to discover they can move casually through their living spaces, unaware of whether they are in the outside patio area or in their indoor great room.