Small and Mighty

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through the chassis. The DL450 has an expected drawbar pull of approximately 21,000 pounds. The new dozer loader provides a consistent plane and true 6-way blade positions. The new compact dozer will incorporate blade shake and pitch adjustment control features. Steel tracks and grousers make up the undercarriage and the machine is built with a fifth roller to deliver better traction with a higher ground clearance to reduce the likelihood of drag.

John Deere’s Redesign Provides Maximum Benefits

John Deere has packed more features into its redesigned 330 and 332G models to ensure that those big jobs get done. These machines provide vertical lift to reach higher and farther than their radial lift counterparts. These skid-steers have 40 percent more boom and bucket breakout force, which makes it easier to lift heavy loads. Deere’s loaders’ operating capacities have been increased to 3,600 pounds to provide contractors with the extra muscle they need.

The 330 and 332G model loaders have a new electro-hydraulic option to boost productivity. The push button, self-sealed switch module (SSM) activates such actions as return-to-dig, return-to-carry, attachment positioning, and boom-up/ down self-leveling making the operation of the loader more efficient. The SSM offers keyless start and anti-theft settings, as well as storing preferences for up to five different operators or codes such as boom or bucket lift speeds, creep modes, and control patterns.