Contributors to this article series:

Dana Nathan Blose, Manager of Loss Control, Builders Insurance Group. Blose is responsible for development and management of Loss Control. He brings more than 20 years of proven experience in analyzing business operations and development of cost effective loss control solutions and the implementation thereof.

Tom Maupin, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Builders Insurance Group. Maupin oversees the promotion of the company’s products in 17 states through a network of over 650 independent insurance agents. He provides “big picture” business and strategic information with regard to safety training.

John Nain, Owner, Nain and Associates. Nain provides safety training, safety monitoring, OSHA compliance, and accident mitigation services to business owners, including those involved in residential construction through heavy industry construction, as well as to engineering and architectural firms. He works primarily in the southeast U. S. and uses his 30 years of experience as a safety professional and 10 years of experience in owning a business to bring a “real world” perspective to the subject.