though the home improvement giant had to cut some product lines and closed some locations, it maintained its wage scale, merit increases, and bonus programs to ensure associates knew they were valued by the company. The associates in turn remained loyal to the company.

Resources to Get You Started

Any business can benefit from applying the servant leadership model to their management concept. Since you, as a builder or contractor, are already very hands-on with your business, this might be just the management style you would want to adopt. There is an abundance of materials that can help you understand more about the servant leadership model. A quick Internet search for “how to be a servant leader” will net you over 6 million responses. Here are a few highlights:


Mindtools.comcan help you work on the ten characteristics

of a servant leader that Larry Spears defined.

•• The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership offers a yearly professional membership that gives you access to trainings, discounts on books and conferences, and more.


ToServeFirst.comhas a comprehensive recommended

reading list with synopses of the works compiled by Kent M. Keith, current President Emeritus, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.


ModernServantLeader.comshowcases a list of recommendations for the beginning servant leaders as suggested on the LinkedIn servant leaders group. This listing gives a brief synopsis of each selection and the author’s interpretation of how useful the resource will be.