Sculptural Wall Surfaces
Make a Huge Visual Punch
Photos courtesy of Modulararts

The current popularity of Modern design in today’s home interiors has created many opportunities for builders to include dramatic sculptural wall surfaces in their plans. Modern design embraces clean lines, uncluttered furnishings, and wide open spaces—the perfect environment for large scale wall treatments. It provides a serene backdrop against which a bold, three-dimensional accent wall can make an exciting visual impact in a home.

These large scale sculptures are created from individual panels, tiles or blocks that can work separately to form an asymmetrical design or work together to form one continuous, rhythmic pattern. The patterns make use of basic geometry, focusing on simple angles and curves. With multiples of the same design, it is possible to create a wall treatment of any size or shape. Consider this look for vertical surfaces, such as a fireplace surround or an entry wall opposite the front door. The wall is transformed into a conversation piece that sets this home apart from the rest.

A variety of materials are used to create this type of sculptural surface—from stone, tile and glass to concrete and natural gypsum. Typically these wall treatments feature neutral colors, but bright colors are also an option. Vibrant colors can help emphasize the lines of fabulous Modern furniture pieces, such as the iconic Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer or the Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, that are themselves neutral in color. This will definitely add punch to your home interiors.