Building Pet-Friendly Homes

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Photo courtesy of Wood-Mode

heated floor offers a cozy place to lounge. Pets will sleep in style on a raised built-in bed, outfitted with a soft cushion and a removable, washable cover.

A lockable exterior pet door allows them to go outdoors and back in again at will. This area should also include an elevated bathing and grooming station to make regular grooming a breeze. Include plenty of storage space for pet food, toys, cat litter, leashes, pet raincoats and sweaters, bathing and grooming supplies. Stain-and-water resistant as well as non-toxic floor, wall, cabinet and fabric finishes make daily maintenance and accident clean-up a simple matter.

The Pet Parlor Concept

Realizing that household pets are playing an increasingly larger role in home design, Wood-Mode cabinetry developed a concept space called Pet Parlor. This space is loaded with amenities that pamper pet-owners as well as their four-legged family members. The concept doubles as a laundry room, which means the thoughtfully designed space fulfills a dual purpose, adding both value and convenience. A mix of materials, wood finishes and natural tones bring classic design elements into the laundry. The beautifully detailed cabinetry, painted in stylish shades of gray, offers a comfortable and inviting spot to spend time grooming pets while tending to the laundry.

Some of the unique features of the Pet Parlor are:

•• Island with integrated doors and cabinets (brushing and grooming, sorting and folding) •• Built-in pet fountain with faucet system

•• Custom hideaway dog dish drawer with adjacent food storage bins

•• Storage solutions for bones, toys and biscuits

•• Integrated lockers for leash, collar and clothing storage

•• Extra large sink for bathing and grooming

•• Integrated laundry appliances.

If you desire to be the go-to builder in your area for homeowners with pets, feel free to grab some inspiration from the ideas shown here. These spaces offer your buyers good return on their investment, especially as multi-purpose rooms in the back of homes remain popular and attractive to homeowners today.