Keep It Wet — Keep It Compliant
Photo courtesy of Husqvarna

Builders know cutting tile and cement with a wet saw is beneficial to the life of the blade due to the water flowing. What you may not have realized is that wet saws also greatly reduce the amount of airborne silica particles generated when cutting through ceramic tile, granite countertops, or terra cotta tiles. There are many wet saws out there, but the Husqvarna TS 70 Tile Saw offers a large cutting area which can handle materials up to 28 inches long. It features the patented “Jet Stream” water containment system with a separate water chamber to feed the system. The waste water slurry mixture is kept on the cart, making clean up easier.

The 1.5 horse power saw features a 10-inch blade. Operating at 2500 rpms this saw has the power to cut through your construction materials with ease. The TS 70 can make rip cuts up to 28 inches in length and angle cuts of up to 20 inches. Bevel cuts of 45 or 22.5 degrees can be made with a simple adjustment to the position of the motor.