It’s All About the Filter
Photo courtesy of Sylvane, Inc.

A staple in workshops and new home construction sites, the shop-vac is one of the best tools to use to combat airborne crystalline silica dust. No additional clean up time is required to clear the worksite of the hazard left from grinding or cutting stone, tile, or concrete. The key to all this is an outstanding HEPA filter.

The Nilfisk AERO 31 INOX HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum has that HEPA filter and so much more. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particles down to .3 microns. The AERO 31 INOX vacuums are fully sealed meaning that there isn’t any blow-through dust, entirely capturing those dust particles.

It features a large capacity 8-gallon stainless steel collection container, an 11.5-foot hose with aluminum extension, and a variety of nozzles for wet or dry cleaning of floors, crevices, or other surfaces. The vacuum’s flat top is ideal to temporarily store a worker’s hand tools during operation. The AERO 31 INOX has built-in storage space for the power cord and additional accessories, and has a sturdy, flexible, rubber strap to secure the hose to the canister.

The AERO 31 INOX also has an electrical outlet built in so that you can plug in your grinder or sander without taking up another outlet. The flexible hose can attach directly to your vacuum equipped power tools, eliminating the need to clean or change that tool’s collection bag.