Innovative Kitchen Storage
Backsplash railing system
Lift up cabinet door and pull down unit

handles everything from spices to cookbooks and utensils, providing a convenient storage location. Kitchen drawer organizational systems help keep the contents of drawers in order using a series of modular trays, dividers, boxes and baskets. Non-slip mats prevent the contents from sliding as a drawer is opened and closed. And then, the final masterful touch is to bring everything to life with LED lighting, including in-cabinet, in-drawer and over the countertop fixtures.

There is another factor that will lead homeowners to an even deeper appreciation of a new kitchen space, however, and that is based on how it functions when they are preparing meals or entertaining. When meeting with potential clients, it makes sense for builders and remodelers to point out to them the functional benefits of what a new kitchen can offer. Ask them about their existing kitchen: Do all the contents of your cabinets come right to you as opposed to your having to hunt around on hands and knees for certain items? Do your cabinet drawers provide easy ways to keep the contents neatly organized instead of having to pile items haphazardly on top of each other? Are all areas of your kitchen—including food preparation areas and the insides of cabinets, drawers and pantries—brightly and completely illuminated? Homeowners would love to be able to answer these questions and many more with a resounding Yes!

The Häfele kitchen pictured here, with its storage, innovation, and imagination, provides inspiration for builders planning a captivating new kitchen. It proves that beauty and function can coexist along with pots, pans and wooden spoons. Full-extension pantry pull-outs will give homeowners easy access to the contents of multiple shelves all at the same time. Cabinet doors that lift up instead of out conserve space in a kitchen and avoid bumping into other open cabinet doors. An in-cabinet pull down unit makes the contents of the upper cabinets easily reachable. The backsplash railing system