Best of the Best
Kitchen Gold Snap Panel Lighting by Tresco Lighting I Rev-A-Shelf The razor-thin Snap Panel by Tresco Lighting is sold in 12" x 12" squares that can be “snapped” down to 3" x 3" squares. They may be connected back-to-back or via jumper cords to create the exact shape needed. The Snap Panel system’s unique customization, combined with high light intensity and a multitude of color temperatures, provides the ideal solution for any backlighting application that requires a uniform light output.
Kitchen Silver FlexWash + FlexDry by Samsung Electronics FlexWash + FlexDry advanced laundry pair features two washers in one and two dryers in one. These innovative laundry machines provide flexibility that allows multiple cycles at the same time, such as washing baby’s cuddly pajamas in one compartment, while cleaning a muddy athletic uniform in another. Or dry a bulky load of towels at the same time as delicate lingerie. With FlexWash + FlexDry, laundry can now be handled exactly as a family needs.
Bath Silver DeKauri (designed by Daniel Germani) by Cosentino DeKauri is a freestanding enclosed bathroom vanity designed by renowned architect and designer Daniel Germani to house and conceal both the sink and storage. Cosentino and Italian furniture manufacturer Riva 1920 collaborated with Germani to produce this unique piece. It is crafted from ultra-compact Dekton and 50,000-year-old Kauri wood from New Zealand. It takes inspiration from the traditional Italian credenza and brings its beauty and functionality into the bath. dekton.comI I