Trimmed Down and Beefed Up
The FK series Folding Utility Knife Photos courtesy IRWIN Tools

It’s a given that sooner or later you’re going to need a utility knife at the jobsite. Traditional utility knives are bulky, have a way of getting misplaced, and are often a worker safety hazard. A new generation of folding utility knives from IRWIN easily slide into a pocket or clip on your belt, so they are always ready to go. The Trigger Grip handle and liner lock make for easy one-handed opening.

The IRWIN FK Series of folding utility knives features their patented BladeLock Technology which is designed to keep the utility blade securely positioned and locked into the knife handle. IRWIN’s proprietary design prevents the blades from accidentally pulling out of the handle during use –a frequent user complaint. The BladeLock Technology also prevents the user from changing the blade without engaging the release button and placing the blade holder in a 45-degree open position. This safety feature is unique to IRWIN’s FK series of knives.

The FK150 and FK250 utility knives also have a built-in storage compartment for up to two extra blades eliminating the frustration of hunting down a replacement blade. This hardworking utility knife also has a built-in screwdriver and wire cutter. Included with the knife are blades, Square and Phillips insert bits, and a lifetime warranty.