Hard Hat to Ball Cap

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We all know that true multi-tasking is a myth –no one can do two different tasks simultaneously. What you can do is to combine two or more activities into one. If one of your goals is to spend more time with your children but you need to get the parts to fix the mower, take little Jenny along to the hardware store with you. She will enjoy spending one-on-one time with you, and you will accomplish one of your errands. Setting and keeping appointments with your family members lets them know that they are as important, if not more so, than your clients. Your consistency to these commitments will strengthen your family bonds and aid in building your resiliency.


You probably have heard today’s technology touted as one of the many evils of our modern world. While it’s true that we brag we are always connected with our smart phones, that may not be the best idea to bring balance to your life. The buzzing of your phone, whether for a phone call, text, or email, will interrupt your off time and push stress back to the forefront of your life. There are times when you just need to turn off your phone to enjoy the moment. Don’t text your sub-contractors while at your son’s ball game or read that client’s email when you’ve scheduled time with your spouse. Those things can wait until you return to work. Let your downtime be quality time.

Instead of your smart phone being a source of stress, turn this technology to your advantage. Shared online calendars can keep you connected with family activities and alert you when you need to leave the office or jobsite to keep your commitments. Online maps will provide you with the most efficient routes between jobsites to maximize your productivity.

Technology can shave time off domestic tasks as well giving you more time for enjoyable activities. Many stores now offer options to the traditional shopping experience. You simply place your order online and pick it up at the store. Other stores encourage you to use their app to scan your purchases as you select them. Your credit card is charged and you don’t spend time waiting in the checkout lane. Each of these time savers can put more downtime into your daily schedule.


Let’s be honest. We’ve all made those New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, or eat more healthy foods. We’re all gung-ho on January 1st, but as time goes on, we find we just can’t maintain that initial enthusiasm. Our commitment to these huge goals waivers and before long, we are back to our old ways. The same could be true about your goal of finding a better balance between work and your family life if your plan is not clearly defined and designed for success.

Start small. If your goal is to be home for dinner with your family, it would be wise if you took an honest look at your work routines and set one night per week to start. Stating that you will be home each night at six for dinner will only add stress and guilt when you miss one or more nights. As time goes by and you are regularly making it home for dinner on that one night, you can add another and another until you’ve reached your goal. Build on your success. You and your family will be happier when you meet your commitments.