Hard Hat to Ball Cap

One of the key factors to finding balance in your life is to recognize and become a resilient rather than a reactive person. Reactive people do not feel they are in control of their lives and are very prone to stress. Resilient people seem to adapt better when faced with problems. Resilient people bounce back from difficult experiences rather than becoming overwhelmed by them. Resiliency is not a trait people are born with, rather it involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions which can be learned and practiced by anyone.

Resiliency can be built in several ways, but starts with a strong support base of family and friends. Knowing that you have someone to turn to for assistance and support provides a firm foundation for becoming a resilient person. Talk about your plans for finding a balance with your spouse. The two of you can support each other in this shared goal.

Other ways to build resiliency include:

•• Set realistic goals –instead of tackling all aspects of a big project at once, ask yourself, “What steps do I need to take first?” Then make a plan, set a schedule to accomplish each phase of the project, and delegate tasks to your team.

•• Take decisive actions –don’t just wish that the stresses in your life would go away. Analyze what is causing the stress and find solutions for it. •• Keep things in perspective –when things go wrong, realize that there are solutions and avoid blowing the issue out of proportion.


When you review and set your weekly schedule, include leisure activities such as date night with your spouse or an afternoon at your favorite fishing hole. Your daily schedule should reflect your priorities in both your professional and personal lives. Don’t bring work home with you. Instead, unplug and focus your attention on your family.

Purposefully planning family time gives you something to look forward to and gives an added incentive for leaving work on time. Another benefit to planning your leisure time is that you won’t end the weekend feeling as if nothing was accomplished. Unscheduled time which seems to just slip away will add stress to your life.