Photos Courtesy of MoistureShield

Deck elements of different shapes and sizes also can be incorporated into all areas of your customer’s yard by using decking materials and accessories that match your central element to create a boardwalk, small patio or even a pool surround. Adding lights and railing to these elements creates attractive lines for the eye to follow and further ties together the entire backyard.

Uncommon Color and Style

At one time, alternatives to wood decking were primarily artificial-looking materials like shiny vinyl. Now, wood alternatives such as modern composites offer a rich, warm look with realistic wood-grain details. With recent technology advances, composite manufacturers have established ways to vary the color tones of deck boards to resemble traditional wood. Purposefully designed with patterns that are more variable, today’s composite boards achieve the natural coloring and grain characteristics of wood deck boards.

Additionally, composite manufacturers offer decking, railing and trim in numerous colors, which enables builders to mix and match colors for visual interest –either complementing or contrasting the deck surface and railing with a home’s or building’s siding, trim and outdoor furnishings.