RFID Revealed

An RFID system uses radio waves to send information from the tag to the tracking system. RFID tags contain a microchip, which can store a lot of information like product serial numbers, purchase date, warranty information, and service logs. Depending on your system, the RFID tags can store anywhere from 2 to 8 KB of data. Some active, battery powered tags can store up to 128 KB of data.

The RFID system requires at least three components: the tag, an RFID reader, and a computerized tracking system. When a tagged item comes within range of the reader, the tag is activated. The reader receives the information and passes it along to the tracking system. In some cases, the reader can be programmed to update the item’s tag with newer, up-to-date information. This is very helpful when you need to track the maintenance of power equipment. RFID readers can activate multiple tags at one time, so an entire toolbox or kit could be checked out at once, reducing the time needed to maintain an accurate inventory.