Light Layering in Bathrooms
Good lighting design is developed in unison with the rest of your plans for the bathroom.
Photos: Courtesy of Kichler

3. Accent—This is the lighting that adds depth and interest to the space by emphasizing the little architectural details that make the bathroom you are creating look exceptional. Accent lighting can include toe-kick lighting under the vanity, or recessed cove lighting that creates visual interest on the ceiling.

As you are planning the bathroom lighting, take into account that highly reflective surfaces impact lighting design. Avoid placing fixtures in a location where the light will reflect off a polished vanity top, causing an uncomfortable glare in the homeowner’s eyes.

It is also important to consider how your buyer’s age and the ages of others living in their home may influence the amount of light necessary in the bathroom. In order to see clearly enough to apply makeup or read instructions on medicine bottles, most older adults need three to four times more light than they did when they were younger.