that is coming out of your cash flow. A lot of builders purchase equipment that they think they need, but in the long run, they need to assess whether it is worth the company owning a bobcat or whether it is better to rent one when needed and build the rental cost into the cost of the project.

Dan Mahowald and Steven Arkin of Arkin & Associates, PC have shared their expert insights. Taxes and accounting for closely held businesses are the main focus of Arkin & Associates, PC. For many, taxes are the #1 expense and Arkin's aim is to help clients pay the least amount of taxes while complying with complicated laws. They take the accounting burden off and undertake as many of the accounting services that their clients wish to offload. This way their clients can do what they do best, make money; and Arkin can do what they do best, help their clients keep more of it.

Arkin & Associates, PC delivers the services their clients select (e. g., monthly financials, payroll processing, tax planning, or a CFO-to-Go) on a monthly fee basis. Once the service level is established, clients receive a monthly bill, never more. If clients need something outside of the agreed service level, the price is agreed upon before proceeding.