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designers in our area, as well as understand design trends.”

Among the ways the company has used Instagram, Water’s Edge has posted pictures of completed projects, which has prompted customers to inquire about purchasing similar products. This year, the company started fabricating wood countertops for clients, which was something many local kitchen designers and builders were unaware of. The interest generated by Instagram posts has led to more sales of those countertops.

Instagram offers brands a great opportunity to tell their story. Kleber & Associates, an Atlanta-based public relations company, works with several clients in the building products industry.

“Instagram has helped our clients connect with their desired audience,” says President Steve Kleber. “Since the platform is more of a visual tool than other social media platforms, those in the industry looking to connect with people focused on interior and exterior design elements, can use Instagram as a touch point.”

A smart Instagram strategy isn’t about promotion –it’s about conversation and helping the customer.

“The biggest mistake that we’ve made and that we see other businesses make on Instagram is positioning the brand as the hero,” Tatum says. “The customer is always the hero. They are the ones dreaming up a cool space and we are just guiding them in the transformation process. Now, we have this mindset whenever we craft any copy and ask, ‘Is this answering our clients’ problems?’

‘How is this guiding/helping their decision-making process?’”

With Instagram being a visual medium, high quality photos are the key to telling your story, Kleber says.

“When it comes to the caption, keep it short but relatable,” he says. “To help create engagement with followers, end it with a question or call to action like ‘Tag a friend who …’”

You can also use Instagram advertising to target those users that may be going through a major life event like getting a new job or getting married –activities that often prompt a home purchase.

“The key to finding potential buyers online is to market to them during life events,” says Evan Roberts, a real estate agent and home buyer with Dependable Homebuyers in Georgia.

“Instagram leverages Facebook’s data to identify people going through

these life events and allows you to advertise to them specifically. … The more targeted you can get with your campaign message and audience, the more successful you’ll be in finding buyers on Instagram.”

Combining Instagram with YouTube, Facebook or a company blog can help give a longer reach to your content.

“For our clients we integrate Instagram with other social media platforms or other means of communication with their audience such as the company’s blog,” Kleber says. “For instance, if you have a cool project you’re working on, post an image on Instagram of each step in the process; in essence, create a story. Then post the final image of the project on Facebook or on your blog explaining how you were able to complete the project.”

Like any marketing outlet, it’s important to take time to plan out your campaigns on Instagram. Think about the message or messages you want to get out, who you want to reach and how that will integrate with other marketing efforts.

“Plan and be consistent,” Tatum says. “We take a few hours at the beginning of every month to plan out our posts, so we know something will get published at least

three times a week. If we have something cool that pops up,

then we either share it immediately or we archive it for next month. With Instagram’s algorithm, you want to be sure your followers are consistently engaging with your posts or they will stop seeing your posts in their feed.”

Water’s Edge Woods uses its Instagram posts to inspire interest in its unique products such as spalted wood and wood countertops.

Photos: Courtesy of Water’s Edge Woods