Multifaceted Tile
Photo: Courtesy of Saloni
Photo: Courtesy of Equipe Ceramicas
Photo: Courtesy of Vives Photos: Courtesy of Ibero Porcelanico
Incredible Functionality

The technologically advanced manufacturing processes allow tile to combine function and efficiency. For example, large porcelain tiles are now designed for use as floors, wall surfaces and countertops—an all-in-one surface for kitchens and bathrooms. The tile is produced in a variety of thicknesses, since walls, indoor flooring and outdoor flooring have different requirements. A smooth porcelain countertop can serve as an induction cooktop when an induction warmer is mounted under the surface. There is no resin in the tile, so this same countertop may be used to prep, cook and eat food.

Anti-slip technology allows safe placement of tile on floors in kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas and outdoor spaces. For a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, the tile colors can be identical—it is simply the texture that changes. New anti-slip technology allows the tile to feel quite smooth when it is dry. The tile feels fine on bare feet; not the harsh sandpaper feel of traditional anti-slip tile. However, when the tile is wet a change is created in the body of the tile. The hydrophilic properties are changed in water so that the tile achieves a higher slip resistance.