Better Safe Than Sorry
What You Need If a Disaster Hits

Keeping your business prepared means having the right tools in place if a hurricane, storm or other disaster strikes. FEMA, the National Hurricane Survival Initiative and other groups recommend that every business have the following items on hand.

These items should be kept in a central location at the business so all employees know where they are if a storm or other problem occurs while employees are on site. Paperwork should be kept in a waterproof firebox, with copies stored offsite.

+ Generators (see two examples here) + Fuel for backup generators and vehicles + Tool box with basic tools

+ Battery operated radio or television + Three-day supply of water and

nonperishable foods

+ Coolers and containers for water and washing + Blankets, pillows, cots, and chairs + First Aid Kit and first aid manual + Flashlights, batteries, light-sticks + Camera and film for documenting damages + Whistle/signal flare to signal for help + Tarps, plastic bags, duct tape

+ Cleaning supplies, including mops, towels and garbage cans

+ Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers + Emergency contact information such as the

nearest hospital and police, along with contact info for your insurance agent