Sous-Vide Cooking at Home
Perlick is a company well-known for its undercounter refrigeration units. Now for the first time it has introduced a line of full-size appliances, including dual-fuel ranges and gas cooktops. The oven utilizes precision temperature controls with a turntable system to provide sous-vide cooking inside the oven. A pot of water rotating on the turntable simulates the swirling water of an immersion circulator.
Offering the Best Steak in the House

Have you ever been served a grilled steak that was dry and overcooked on the outside, yet a portion of the inside was still pink and moist? What a disappointment! If your steak had been prepared using the sous-vide process, it would have been cooked evenly all the way through. It makes sense for you to become familiar with this cooking method, because it is getting to be very popular with homeowners today.

Sous-vide is a method of cooking that involves vacuum sealing food in an airtight container, typically a plastic bag. Meat can be sealed together with a tasty marinade or sauce, plus spices and herbs. Then the bags are placed in water or steam for a longer time than standard cooking requires. The temperature is precisely regulated to stay at a much lower level than for normal cooking. The goal is that the inside of the food is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, plus moisture is retained. Quickly searing the meat just before serving develops some attractive caramelization without cooking the inside any longer.

Sous-vide means “under vacuum” in French. Two French chefs—Bruno Goussault and George Pralus—developed sous-vide cooking independently in the early 1970s, then later worked together to refine it. For many years, sous-vide cooking was a secret cooking technique used by a few innovative chefs at high-end restaurants. Only the expensive commercial sous-vide equipment achieved the precision and exact temperature control necessary to guarantee safety standards.

Sous-Vide Cooking at Home

Over the years, smaller and less expensive water baths, immersion circulators and vacuum sealers have expanded the method to the home cook. Recently, several manufacturers introduced new appliances that offer sous-vide cooking, eliminating the need for multiple separate gadgets.

These appliances offer a tantalizing variety of sous-vide techniques. Today

more and more people are doing sousvide at home, and that includes your

home buying customers. You would be wise to include one of these appliances in your model home or recommend them to your clients so they will realize your company is on the cutting-edge.